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Buy AWS Accounts at Chaep Price to Maximize Computing Power

We offer cloud accounts with superior security and protection at a reasonable price so that you can maximize your computing ability and collaborate with all your team members.
$1K Credit

Kickstart small projects.

$5K Credit

Expand your growing business.

$25K Credit

Medium-sized operations.

$50K Credit

Support large-scale business needs.

$100K Credit

Maximize enterprise growth.

Our Accounts are

Completely New

We deliver you new accounts that are not used before. You’ll get a completely new account where you can set the environment as needed.

100% Verified

You won’t have to verify the accounts if you buy from us. We verify using valid information before sending our accounts to the clients.

Multi-country Access

Our accounts are accessible from any country in the world. They are based in the USA but can be used worldwide. You don’t have to be a US citizen.

Complete Access

The accounts we offer have complete access to the features of the cloud. You can create and use unlimited VPS and other features.

Buy Cloud Accounts with Cryptocurrencies

Get Cloud with Crypto!  

We accept multiple cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ether, Litecoin, etc., as payment methods for our cloud accounts. So, you can make an easy transaction from your crypto wallet to our wallet and get the accounts instantly. 

How does It Work?

Step 1- Pick Your Preferred Cloud

Select a cloud that you prefer from our homepage article or service page. We have a wide collection. You’ll find your preferred one easily.

Step 2- Select Your Package

For each cloud, we have multiple packages. Pick one that suits your needs the best. Different packages are priced differently.

Step 3- Place an Order

Once you get the package that meets your needs, place an order by clicking the button beside or below the package. It’s easy.

Step 4- Make the Payment

At the checkout page, you’ll see multiple payment methods. Select the one you prefer and proceed. You’ll get the details once you select your preferred method.

Once the payment is made, wait for a few minutes. You’ll receive the account details through e-mail. 

Reasons to Try Our Service

You’ll get access to the cloud as soon as we receive your payment. We send you login details and other important information through e-mail. 

Our support team is always active to aid you in overcoming any issue regarding the cloud accounts you buy from us. So, communicate with us anytime.

We help you to maximize your computing space, features, and speed at a minimum cost. That’s why our services are priced reasonably. 

If you’re not happy with our service, you can claim cashback within a week. We offer a 100% cashback guarantee for any lack from our side. 

Amazon AWS Accounts

  • New, verified, and fully functional accounts
  • AWS EC2-enabled accounts 
  • Can be accessed from any country
  • Recovery method to stop data loss

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Google Cloud Accounts

  • A new and fully functional account 
  • Verified with a valid USA-based card
  • Maximum security features are included
  • Made with a valid USA IP address

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Microsoft Azure Account

  • USA-based fresh account without any history
  • Completely verified and passed
  • Supported in all countries
  • Unlimited VPS and apps can be used

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Vultr Account

  • USA-based account verified using US documents
  • Completely new account without any history
  • Uses a valid USA IP
  • Can be accessed from anywhere

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Digital Ocean Account

  • Completely new and ready to use
  • Port Closed & Port 25 open DO are available
  • Reliable infrastructure with maximum security
  • Unlimited Droplet creation opportunity

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Linode Account

  • New, active, and working account
  • Entirely verified with USA-based real documents
  • Unlimited VPS creating opportunity
  • Supported in all countries

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Kamatera Account

  • 100% approved account with valid documents
  • Active and ready to use, never used before
  • Created and verified using valid IP
  • Supported from everywhere in the world

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Hetzner Account

  • USA-based real IP verified
  • All verification is done with real documents
  • Active and ready-to-use account
  • Untouched and fresh account

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Oracle Cloud Account

  • New account with active status
  • Can be used in multiple regions
  • Real document and IP verified
  • Enjoy all the benefits of Oracle Cloud

Once the payment is made, wait for a few minutes. You’ll receive the account details through e-mail. 

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